Sondage adressé aux étudiants autochtones du Qc

Press Release

Press Release 
- Poll-survey for students members of First Nations
communities of Quebec -
For Immediate Release

MONTREAL, (March 28th, 2011) : Today, in terms of academic support in Quebec, several programs took birth in Canada for First Nations students in Quebec, at the postsecondary level: college and university.

In recent years, datas from recent studies and surveys, are witnessing a growing number of students who had to leave their communities for the pursuing of their studies for the various interests of each.
These are sometimes their first trips from their respective communities, in longer or shorter terms, , for periods and / or academic sessions. They are brought quickly to a new urban lifestyle, wich is sometimes bringing its advantages and its constraints. To remedy this, some postsecondary institutions, having felt compelled, gave their contributions by providing a support service for academic guidance as well as a support for integration in urban areas.

To learn more about the views of young Aboriginal communitiy members of Quebec, about their knowledge about their individual academic interests, support programs already available, their opinions and desires to continue their studies, impacts and improvements for programs related to academic supports, a questionnaire was created by Eric Pouliot, a student in the Certificate in Social Sciences at UQAM, and it will be available from April 4 to 29, 2011. It will be sent to the Band Councils of Quebec and at the Native Friendship Centres throughout the province. It will also be sent with details on radio stations and educational institutions of communities, under the name:

"College and university academic support for francophone Aboriginal students in Quebec"


The questionnaire will target people from 16 years old and older, First Nations students currently in colleges and / or universities, or wishing to be back to school in french-speaking institution, residents or nonresidents of native communities throughout the province Quebec. The administration of the questionnaire was conducted in March 2011. (An english version of the poll-survey will be sent around september 2011, for anglophone communities of the province.)


For the sake of presenting results, the categories of educational levels, ages and communities have been classified by the following codes: Age of participants, predominating school academic Interests, Gender(Women, Men), Educational level obtained, Communities in which respondents are members. Academic support programs provided by various institutions in other Canadian provinces, from western provinces to the Maritimes, are already bearing fruits. From British Columbia to Ontario, with programs offered by the University of Ottawa, and in Quebec, such as McGill's First People's House that welcomes all indigenous students including Métis, Inuit, indigenous (registered or unregistered), Maori and Aborigines to provide support for both integration assistance, to academic, as well as metropolitan environment.



An important point of this study will be from aiming elements that could bring improvements in the postsecondary , francophones colleges and universities levels in Quebec, since until now, most of these support programs or other forms of media for the targeted groups, did not appear to have been greatly developed in francophone institutions in Quebec.


For more informations, please contact Eric Robert Pouliot :


Telephone: 514 297-3177

Website detailing the study and its creator (Only french version below) :



 Source: Eric Robert Pouliot